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Solar PV

Solar PV

What is Solar PV?

Solar Photovoltaics, or Solar PV is a technology that allows daylight to be converted into electrical power. Solar PV Panels are designed to take advantage of the completely free and renewable energy source - the sun.

The Readflex Solar PV Service


As part of the service, our dedicated engineers are able to asses your property and design solar panels that may be used on almost any roof to ensure that your new Solar PV Panels can be installed easily by our team of installers. Readflex can produce CAD (Computer Aided Design) Models for you when your requirements are more specialist.

Readflex provide the complete package including design, installation and commissioning and maintenance ensuring the customer is always 100% satisfied.

Readflex are certified Solar PV Installers and are accreditted by the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme)

How do Photo Voltaic Panels work?

Solar PV Panels are installed on your roof and when the sun's light is captured by the solar cells, DC electricity is generated. The DC electricity is taken to an Inverter which converts the DC to AC, making it suitable for use by any appliance in your home. If you generate excess electricity you can sell the power to the national grid.

Energy Performance Certificate - EPC

An EPC is a document that provides you with an Energy Rating for your home. It also indicates the level of potential you home has to increase it's efficiency. An EPC is a detailed document that includes the following guideline image:


An EPC is a requirement for all houses being sold, rented, bought or houses that own a solar power system.

Level D EPC

In addition to the financial savings of a more efficient home, a Level D or greater EPC certificate allows the home owner to claim the full 21p/ kWh FIT rate for the full 25 year term of your solar panels. If you do not have a Level D EPC, this will reduce the Feed In Tariff you will receive by up to 55%.

Solar Panel

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The main financial advantages of investing in a solar PV system:

  • Generate completely free electricity for your home
  • Sell excess electricity to the National Grid at the rate of 21p/KWh
  • Reduce your annual electricity bill by up to 50%
  • Become part of a Government Backed Scheme for 25 years
  • Receive Tax Free Income from the electricity you sell