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Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems are used to easily allow visitors onto your property and to keep unwanted visitors out. Door entry systems are available as audio only systems or with a built in camera for visual verification. Systems start from single door monitoring kits and progress up to systems that are designed for multi-story flats and office blocks.

Readflex have installed systems of all sizes from a single user to multi-site blocks of apartments. We are able to provide the security and entry system to meet your precise requirements

Also see Access Control Systems

Service & Maintenance

Trouble free, continued and reliable access to your premises is a priority for Readflex. We only use the best quality entry systems and also provide maintenance contract options to ensure problems never occur.

Video Intercom

Video Intercom

The system shown above is suitable for a small block of flats or a large home.The integrated Camera transmits full colour video from the door to the handset being answered. This provides a more secure premises as the person being admitted can be visually identified. The camera is normally fixed within the control unit.

Audio Intercom

Audio Intercom

A system can be designed for the two way speech from the entrance door(s) to handsets inside the building. The handset includes a button which releases the door.

Audio systems can have a separate CCTV system incorporated to provide images to a separate monitor for a more flexible system.

Electronic Gate

Automated Gates

There are two main types of electric gate: swing and sliding. Swing gates can be automated using hydraulic arms, or underground operators that are hidden from view. Sliding gates are driven open and closed by a floor-mounted motor.

Readflex Group prides itself in being able to automate almost any existing gate. We have a wide range of automatic gate operators that can be retro fitted to existing gates to allow for automation. We employ skilled welders who are able to alter existing metalwork to make the gate suitable for the automation platform.

Other Automation Systems

Readflex are also able to supply the following types of Automation System:

Garage & Industrial Doors

Garage & Industrial Doors

Car Park Saver

Car Park Saver

Road Barriers

Road Barrier