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Security Alarms

Security Alarms

Our Intruder Alarm Systems are designed specifically for each property and its requirement for protection. The specification of each system that Readflex installs is tailored to the size of the property, level of protection required and potential future upgrade requirements.

Control Panels:

  • Multizone units offering Grade 2 or Grade 3 compliance to PD6662.
  • Incorporating DD243:2004 sequential confirmation technology.
  • Flexible programming can meet the most demanding requirements.

Maintenance and Call Out

We also offer a maintence service and call out service should you have any problems with the system we have fitted or need help with how to use what we have installed. All of our products we supply and install do come with a guarantee which if you use us to service the product is extended by 6 months after servicing. We do recommend to have your alarm serviced every 12months.


Our security services can be from very small jobs tailored to a home owners needs fitting an intruder alarm to care home nurse call out systems and alarms and what ever else the client requires.

All of our work is carried out to the current Standards PD:6662 or EN50131.

UKAS Certification
Remote Keypad

Remote Keypad:

Normally with English text display these discreet units can be located for ease of use. These can include a tag reader for ease of arming and disarming.

Magnetic Contact:

Magnetic Contact Switch

These can be a range of types from flush fitting to heavy duty surface mounted. Normally for protecting the doors and windows from being opened

Monitoring & Signalling:

Monitoring Station

Designed for the customer and or the insurance requirement we are able to provide remote signalling to a modern monitoring centre. Signaling can be either single or Dual Path using land line and radio technology

PIR Sensors

PIR Sensor

Passive Infra Red or Dual Technology units. Normally adjusted up to 15m range with a wide angle lens. Long range are also available for corridors. Available as Grade 2 or Grade 3 compliant.

Shock Sensor

Shock Sensors

Normally mounted on door or window frames. The sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the material it is mounted to. Designed to detect the shock of an intruder forcing the door or window.

Pressure Mat

Pressure Mats

Pressure Mats are designed for use with your security system and will be activated when stepped on. The item can be hidden under carpet, rugs or mats to disguise the presence of a security device

External Sounder:

External Bell Box Grade 3 External sounder in a fully tamperproof polycarbonate case. 113dB sounder and an integral strobe. Alternating LEDs display a live connection. All sounders have our distinctive logo screen printed on the cover.